Investing Takeaways You May Have Missed

By Chris Lillard

In the aftermath of the March bank failures, the LikeFolio research team found that people were increasingly mentioning making large withdrawals from banks. On its face, this instinct to “escape the sinking ship” makes sense. But looking closer at where investors have been putting their withdrawals uncovered an unexpected trend — and suggests a growing willingness to trust alternatives to our flawed traditional financial system.

Find Out Which Asset They’re Turning to

Social media company Snap Inc. (SNAP) and educational technology company Chegg Inc. (CHGG) have weathered a rough few years on the stock market. Now both businesses are turning to the promise of artificial intelligence (AI) and integrating the technology into their platforms to try to reverse their fortunes. But so far, only one of them is seeing their AI aspirations pay off…

Learn More about Their Innovations

At the start of May, the Fed raised interest rates once again in its continued crusade against inflation. And its tactics seem to be working: This April, the inflation rate decreased for the 10th month in a row. But that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been collateral damage. As these tough economic conditions make people more reluctant to part with their hard-earned dollars, LikeFolio has noticed three consumer trends that may indicate the Fed has taken a step too far.

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