Investing Takeaways You May Have Missed

By Chris Lillard

When you get caught up in the chaos of your weekly grind, it’s not always easy to keep up with the investing stories that may be of interest to you.

That’s why we’ve decided to highlight on a more regular basis some of the most interesting stories, ideas, and products TradeSmith has to offer.

At your leisure, you can peruse the topics you find most valuable and catch up on anything you may have missed.

Here are some of the biggest ideas around TradeSmith.

Investing Takeaways & Opportunities

You’ve heard it time and again: Buying and holding stocks is the best way to grow your wealth. But by sitting on your hands for a long-term time frame, you’re missing out on a lot of short-term wins — points at which you could buy in, sell out, and bring in greater total returns. The key, of course, is timing your entries and exits properly. And a breakthrough in artificial intelligence technology can help you identify those points more accurately than ever before.

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Earnings season: Depending on your perspective, the phrase alone can cause you to rub your hands together in anticipation or wring them in dread. As a quantitative analyst, Jason Bodner definitely falls into the former camp. After all, the heightened volatility around earnings season creates big investing opportunities… if you know how to take advantage of them. Jason offers three must-read tips for doing just that.

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World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. (WWE) has been a staple of entertainment for decades, drawing millions of spectators to shows that are equal parts sport, theater, and comedy. But after announcing a merger with Endeavor Group Holdings Inc. (EDR), the parent company of mixed martial arts promotion company Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), WWE has drawn in a new audience beyond wrestling enthusiasts: investors. The WWE stock price as of this writing is already up more than 50% this year; will this merger help it climb even higher, or have the biggest gains already been made? Here’s what to look out for from here.

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