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By Chris Lillard

Artificial intelligence: The technology can inspire fear, awe, curiosity, confusion — or, in the case of many investors, a frenzied urge to buy up shares of the companies that claim to be on the cutting edge of the trend. Jason Bodner has been in the investing business since PCs were the next big thing, so he’s experienced the hype cycle around new technologies before… and he knows what to look for to make sure that a stock is a sustainable investment. Just last week, he used his proprietary Quantum Edge stock-analyzing system to identify the top opportunity in the AI investing space.

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If you’ve subscribed to this newsletter for long, you know that our friends at LikeFolio are experts at forecasting earnings-season stock moves and setting up trades to profit from them. How do they do it? By looking at each stock’s Earnings Score, LikeFolio’s measure of consumer momentum. Recently, they pulled back the curtain on this proprietary metric and demonstrated how it has already rewarded them this earnings season.

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Starting in the meme stock mania of 2021, Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. (BBBY) has been a magnet for speculators looking to defy institutional investors who are bearish on the stock. But the underlying business failed to match investor enthusiasm, and now the company is truly headed for the great beyond: It filed for bankruptcy on April 23. LikeFolio breaks down how failing to follow consumer trends spelled the end for BBBY and what investors can look for to avoid similar portfolio saboteurs

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