Landon Swan’s 2023 Investing Outlook

By Chris Lillard

Throughout this past week, I’ve shared investing forecasts from Editor Jason Bodner, Senior Analyst Mike Burnick, Chief Research Officer Justice Clark Litle, and Senior Crypto Analyst Joe Shew.

If you’ve missed any of them, you can access those recaps here.

Today, I’m turning to our friends at LikeFolio to find out what they see in the year ahead.

Founded by brothers Landon and Andy Swan, LikeFolio brings social media insights to readers in the form of highly actionable – and profitable – trade ideas.

In his forecast, Landon will answer the five following questions:

  • What’s your general outlook for 2023 and why?
  • What was your best call this year?
  • What’s the one thing you’re predicting that no one else sees?
  • What areas of the market will offer the biggest opportunities in 2023?
  • If you had only $5,000 to invest for the new year, where would you put it?

You can click here or on the button below to hear his answers:


Enjoy your Saturday,

Keith Kaplan

Keith Kaplan
CEO, TradeSmith