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By TradeSmith Research Team

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Will he, or won’t he? That’s the question folks keep asking about Fed Chair Jerome Powell — and his plans for inflation-fighting, central bank interest-rate increases — for most of this year. And after Powell’s talk at Jackson Hole, investors are asking again. Powell told listeners the Fed is “prepared to raise rates further” — but also didn’t tip anyone off as to when that could happen. But you don’t have to wait for the Fed to know how to protect your financial future. These three stocks just flashed buy signals…
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During its second-quarter earnings call, Ulta Beauty Inc. (ULTA) reported a decrease in gross profits as a percentage of net sales “primarily due to lower merchandise margin, higher inventory shrink, and higher supply chain costs.” The stock price responded by heading lower. But the team at Derby City Insights isn’t worried. They see Ulta’s pullback as the ultimate buy-the-dip opportunity…
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After a first-half surge that pushed some U.S. stocks to triple-digit gains, the August rout has been downright painful. Some members of the “Magnificent Seven” — the stocks that led the march since the start of the year — have incurred a vicious kick to the gut. This can feel painful. But sometimes a market sell-off is downright healthy. There are ebbs and flows to every market, and this is all part of a normal “cycle” that stocks follow. Luckily, Jason Bodner created a type of “cheat sheet” to show you how this all works. And better yet, he’ll tell you which phase we’re in… and what to do next.
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