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Sep 09, 2023 Educational

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Did you know that from 1926 — 2016 just 90 stocks accounted for half of the market’s wealth creation? That’s a startling fact, especially considering the thousands of stocks that traded in those 90 years. And it reveals a shocking truth — just a handful of stocks are responsible for most of the market’s gains. Finding a “superstar” stock isn’t easy, but it’s still possible if you follow these two tips…
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For many of us, Labor Day weekend was a final chance to fire up the grill, hit the pool before it closes for the season, snag those end-of-summer deals, or get one more long rest before the school year starts in earnest. The fan of “taking it easy” inside Andy Swan is sad to see it end… but the investor in him is excited about what comes next. The truth is that Labor Day weekend actually serves as a major moneymaking catalyst with the power to shape consumer behavior and preferences for the rest of the year. And for savvy investors and businesses who understand this, the opportunities are endless…
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Even with four months left ‘til the end of the year, we can say (with confidence) that the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) will go down as one of the biggest stories of 2023. Biggest … with an impact that will last for years. But here’s where you need to be shrewd. You want to buy reality… and beware of the hype. You want to think and act independently… and not follow the crowd. Do that and you’ll cash in on AI’s promise. Here’s how to do just that…
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