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Jul 08, 2023 Educational

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Sky-high inflation last summer and supply chain issues for the auto industry caused a lot of people to sit on the sidelines and wait to purchase a car. In 2022, it was one of the worst years for the auto industry since the Great Recession. But with inflation easing and supply chain issues easing, the auto industry is coming to life. And while Ford Motor Co. (F) may be up 31% on the year, Jason Bodner, the inventor of the Quantum Edge Pro investing system, says that there’s a better investment than the usual suspects in the auto industry…
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When the news broke that the United States may consider bans on exporting AI chips to China, most people started selling off their holdings in Nvidia Corp. (NVDA) and Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD). Our friend Andy Swan had a different take. This wasn’t a negative event — it was a light-shining moment on the tremendous power and potential of AI technology. And as it continues to evolve, it’s paving the way for a gold rush of investment opportunities…
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When a consumer takes to Twitter to post about a product or a brand, LikeFolio’s data-crunching tech zeroes in on their message in real time… cross-references the 10,767 brands in their database… and checks for thousands of keywords to tell whether that person put their money where their post was — and actually spent their hard-earned cash. They call this secret weapon the “LikeFolio Outlier Grid” — and it’s one of their favorite tools for identifying potential opportunities. Like these two stocks that have breakout potential…
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