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Jul 22, 2023 Educational

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Since the start of the year, the Nvidia stock price has skyrocketed an incredible 228%. But a recent downturn in demand may be suggesting that Nvidia’s shares could be in for a near-term stumble. In fact, our friends at Derby City Insights believe the Nvidia stock price could drop by as much as 15% in the short term. That might not sound like “good” news if you’re a Nvidia shareholder. But it is when you’re taking a long view. Here’s why…
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By next week, anywhere from 100 to 400 companies will report earnings each day — an overwhelming flood of information. But Jason Bodner — the inventor of the Quantum Edge investing system — has simplified things with two strategies for making money during this time. The first is to focus on the best sectors. The second is a little more nuanced — understanding the difference between a “rebound” and a “turnaround” for companies so that you know where to place your investing dollars…
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When the bear market, inflationary issues, and some other economic bumps eviscerated $6.8 trillion in wealth late last year, regular folks abandoned the bull market arms race – and shifted into a “wealth-preservation mode” for 2023. And try to preserve they did: Cash in money market funds hit a record $5.3 trillion by May. But as we so often see with “feel right” investment moves, this has become the latest example of emotions trumping logic — and regular folks just falling further behind as a result. Because if you keep planning to keep money on the sidelines, you’ll need to see what two of our top income experts have to say about will happen in the last half of 2023 …
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