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Jul 29, 2023 Educational

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Until recently, investors relied on the human brain to process and analyze the mountain of stock and financial data that now exists in our digital world. The human brain is a wonderful thing — it’s why we still exist — but when it comes to processing and analyzing millions of data points, our brains are laughably feeble compared to supercomputers. That’s where AI comes in…
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Housing is a sector no one wants to believe in right now because the media is pushing such a negative narrative about it. But that kind of disconnect between a downbeat narrative and an upbeat reality sets you up for the best of possible moneymaking windows — the upside surprise. We’ll show you the data that proves it…
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After a strangulating two-year stretch, the travel industry rocketed out of the gate this year. Summer vacation spending is forecast to hit an all-time high of $214 billion in 2023. Shorter trips — experts have dubbed them the “micro-cation” — are on the rise. Heck, travelers are dropping an average of $622 for single-night stayovers. The takeaway: We’re seeing growth, and there’s more to come. Here’s a market leader to put on your moneymaking radar today…
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