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Aug 05, 2023 Educational

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Over the course of his career, Jason Bodner had the pleasure of working with and learning about some of the most brilliant investors. Folks who wrote dissertations on Sallie Mae before it went bankrupt. He studied turtle trader Richard Dennis, who helped 23 ordinary people become millionaires. He broke down all of their models and rules, did his own research to find out which ones worked best, and he took the best of the best to build the rules that now govern my system. And now, he’s ready to share everything he learned with you…
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The Fed has traditionally been run mostly by academics and economists who haven’t spent a single day running a real business and have never managed money for clients. There are exceptions. But the Fed is an imperfect institution — meaning the risks of overshooting or undershooting its targets for the economy and the financial markets are much higher than most investors want to admit. And that’s the real issue here… the real lesson… the real takeaway: You never want to put your financial future into someone else’s hands. You don’t want to trust them to take care of you. We’ll show you how to take control of your financial future and put the power back in your own hands with this one stock…
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Whenever a new business fad hits the bullseye with investors, the shrewd corporate operators go through an instant “rebrand” to pump up their company’s stock price by vacuuming up investor cash. We’ve seen this time and again. It happened with railroads in England in the 1800s, computer tech in the 1960s, dot-com companies in the late 1990s, blockchain just a few years ago — and artificial intelligence (AI) today. There will be plenty of companies trying to relabel themselves as “AI companies,” but we have a real AI winner for you today…
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