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Aug 12, 2023 Educational

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Artificial intelligence is hot. White hot. In the last few months alone AI ignited a stunning earnings report for Nvidia Corp. (NVDA) — launching the chipmaker into the “Trillion-Dollar Club.” AI headlined a product launch for Salesforce Inc. (CRM), letting the company raise prices for the first time in seven years. And Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) cashed in on the millisecond-name recognition of ChatGPT to add cachet to its own AI product rollout. Yeah, AI is hot. But the stock market is very much a “what-comes-next” game. And tech is a major trigger for stocks. So knowing “what comes after AI” is how you get that “investing edge.” That’s what we’re bringing you here today…
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While the fast-food industry may not sound as sexy as “AI tech stocks” or “flying cars,” believe us — fortunes have been made investing in burger-flipping operations. An investment in McDonald’s Corp. (MCD) twenty years ago would’ve spooled up a 1,100% return today; ten years ago, it would’ve been a 200%-plus return; heck, even five years ago, you’d have made over 70% on shares of the iconic fast-food joint. So, we put together an Outlier Grid of the fast-food realm to show you where the opportunities lie. It’s a tool that sorts the winners from the losers in any given industry — and sums it up in one picture-perfect image. And let’s just say, these results I’m about to show you are eye-opening. Here’s what we found…
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By now we’ve all heard that Fitch Ratings early Wednesday downgraded America’s credit rating from a perfect “AAA” to “AA+.” The credit firm said that “a steady deterioration in standards of governance” and the mountains of debt the United States has amassed were key factors in the controversial decision. We’ve all heard about the potential fallout from this downgrade — on everything from mortgage rates to government borrowing costs. But we wanted to dig deeper. So we’ve convened an impromptu “TradeSmith Roundtable” to detail what you, as investors, should be thinking about… and looking to do…
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