We’re So Excited About These Boring Businesses

By Michael Salvatore

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I was overcome with a peculiar, surprising, welcome feeling reading through the TradeSmith Daily feedback inbox ([email protected]) last week.

I can sum it up with the thought: “These companies are absolute snoozers… and that means some are probably incredible investments.”

Contributing editor Lucas Downey and I have started doing rapid-fire videos where we kick the tires of several stocks you’ve shared from your watchlists of late.

It’s been a lot of fun… and we always learn something new.

This time around, though, it wasn’t the same old AI and tech tickers we’ve come to expect. Clearly, these days you’re looking for dead-simple businesses that are standing the test of time. Legacy-building stocks that not all investors have heard of, but anyone with common sense would love to own.

The stocks we discussed are also essential components of the American Dream – so, many of them could be interesting to look into if you’re crafting a portfolio that’s bullish on the future of America.

Check out what TradeSmith and Lucas’ research turned up for Toll Brothers (TOL), Owens Corning (OC), Blue Bird (BLBD), and more below…

Lucas and I are blown away every time we dive into reading your messages.

And not just from the ideas you share. We love seeing the kind words and honest feedback that remind us how lucky we are to do what we do.

So, please, keep the emails coming. We’ll continue to put your watchlist through the ringer using TradeSmith tools and share what we find. Send your watchlist stocks – plus any other questions or comments – to [email protected].

To your health and wealth, 

Michael Salvatore
Editor, TradeSmith Daily

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Keith explained exactly what these payouts are…

The system he created to help you spot them…

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