Where Joe Shew Would Invest $5,000

By TradeSmith Editorial Staff

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Throughout the week, you’ve heard where TradeSmith’s team of experts would invest $5,000.

Up until this point, all of the picks have been in the stock market. But today, with Senior Crypto Analyst Joe Shew, you’re obviously going to get something a little bit different.

Joe Shew is your host and guide at the Crypto Strategist Advisory and Crypto Advantage Society. And he’s a veteran of the sector’s “early days.” Before Joe got into cryptocurrencies in 2014, he was a highly paid financial services exec, working in his company’s high-rise and leaping up the corporate ladder. Lots of upside, lots of compensation – and lots of hours.

But he thought life was great, because he thought that’s all there was.

That’s when Joe had “The Epiphany.” One evening, as he watched a Melbourne sunset, he realized he was trading time as he chased money – in a race that a person really can never win.

Right then and there, Joe decided to change. He decided to pursue financial freedom in an easier way: a revolutionary new digital asset class called crypto. And because Bitcoin was trading for a mere $369, his timing was perfect.

While 2022 has been a rough year for every investor, money is made by forward-looking investors, and Joe has five cryptos he would buy with $5,000.