Where Landon Swan Would Invest $5,000

By TradeSmith Editorial Staff

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When I asked our team of experts where they would invest $5,000 in 2023, I had to make sure at least one of our friends over at LikeFolio shared their answer with you.

LikeFolio analyzes shifts in consumer behavior by scanning social media for mentions of the brands and products owned by publicly traded companies. With its proprietary brand mapping database, LikeFolio’s team of experts then analyzes and enriches that data to find the trends and shifts in the marketplace that will give you a competitive investing advantage.

LikeFolio is the brainchild of serial entrepreneurs and brothers Andy and Landon Swan, so we had to get Landon in the hot seat to answer this $5,000 question.

Depending on who you are as an investor, Landon wanted to share three different investment strategies.

If you want a “moonshot” play to put all of that money on one company and see if it “hits a home run,” Landon has a company that he believes will be the last man standing in a recent shakeout.

For a “safer” play, Landon has a retailer that ranks very high on LikeFolio’s consumer happiness scale.

And finally, Landon shares an investing strategy around earnings as a third way to invest $5,000 in 2023.