Why Doesn’t the SEC Stop Market Manipulation?!

By TradeSmith Research Team

Say you need a new computer and want to take advantage of end-of-year sales.

Imagine going on Amazon.com, finding one you like, and placing your order.

Unbeknownst to you, a computer sees your order, buys that computer milliseconds before you… and then immediately re-sells it to you at small markup to pocket a profit.

Kind of makes you mad, doesn’t it?

With stocks (instead of computers), I’ve just described the world of high-frequency trading.

Wall Street calls it “arbitrage.” But some folks see it as manipulation.

One of my Quantum Edge Pro readers recently asked about this. Marsha emailed me, but I could “hear” the frustration in her question…

Doesn’t the SEC monitor and police the conduct of Wall Street that manipulates markets? Isn’t this against the law? Why doesn’t the SEC do something about it?

It’s a great question – with a complicated answer. But understanding what it is and how it works can give you a positive-and-profit-generating “edge.”

To answer that question – and give you that edge – let me share this latest Quantum Edge Pro Reader Mailbag video:

With my Quantum Edge system, we don’t try to trade punches with Wall Street’s high-frequency machines. They make pennies (or even less) per trade, but they stack up profits via volume – making thousands or even millions of times per second.

Forget that.

But my system does sniff out the Big Money – tracking the scent of those giant investor flows like a hound dog hot on a scent. The same Big Money that spends untold amounts of money to get data before everyone else.

That gives us that “edge” – data edge – that so many investors have lacked for decades. My system knows exactly what data to retrieve and when to retrieve it. And it packages that data to reveal what is happening – and predict what will happen next.

In short, it tells us whether a stock is likely to rise or fall – and when to buy it or sell it.

Those are the only decisions that matter.

That’s the “edge” that lets you make more money than the other investors who make up the “stock market” – and to keep what you make.

Be sure to check out my answer to the all-important question. It’s important information every investor should be aware of, and you can give yourself that same quantum edge.

Talk soon,

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