Your Advantage Over Wall Street This Earnings Season

By TradeSmith Research Team

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We’re right on the cusp of what mainstream investors call earnings season. But to traders, the next month and a half are known as the most profitable days of the year.

While most investors only have a mainstream media narrative to rely on — which is often wrong — LikeFolio founders Andy and Landon Swan have a unique edge with their proprietary data that tracks social media chatter to find what people are saying in real-time. Their system tracks consumer purchase intent, as well as positive and negative consumer sentiment.

Here’s how Landon described it:

“If you say that you went out to Olive Garden last night or that you’re buying the new iPhone, we know that Olive Garden goes to Darden Restaurants and that the iPhone goes to Apple. We count up you and everyone else that’s saying that… count that and compare it to last quarter… count that and compare it to a year ago… and see which directions those mentions are going.”

Basically, they’re listening to when and how people are spending money on a product or service, which directly impacts earnings — it’s top-level revenue, and what Landon says drives earnings reports.

And this isn’t just a hypothetical of what could work… Andy and Landon have put it to the test in Earnings Season Pass and made people real money.

Like back in 2022 when AutoZone Inc. (AZO) was struggling, and Bank of America Corp. (BAC) said to short it:

The narrative being pushed was that the “do it yourself” auto maintenance sector was slowing.

But that’s not what Andy and Landon saw — they found people were posting about shopping at AutoZone in droves. And LikeFolio’s system produced a bullish signal on AZO before its second-quarter earnings were announced.

I can keep going on about how LikeFolio has made people money, but there’s no better way to learn about it than to hear from Andy and Landon directly…

Click the short video below to hear them describe why their system gives their readers an edge in any market: