Your September Road Map for Stocks

By TradeSmith Editorial Staff

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August was a lousy month for stocks — and investors.

But our own Jason Bodner is looking forward — to a powerful end-of year rebound, and the catalysts that will ignite it.

In fact, Jason just told his Quantum Edge Pro members about his favorite play — a company that’s riding a generational tech wave.

In a Sept. 6 trade alert (friendly reminder that members must be logged in to access), Jason said “it’s my favorite play right now on the hottest and fastest-growing trends on the planet — the massive AI boom that has already created $5 trillion in new wealth.”

Granted, his specific portfolio moves and “watch lists” are reserved for the paid-up members of Quantum Edge Pro.

But because this recommendation is “hot off the press” — and tied to AI — I wanted to offer all of you TradeSmith Daily readers a “look” into Jason’s world.

In this short (less-than-five-minute) video, Jason will:

  • Give you a roadmap of what to expect in September.
  • Handicap the Federal Reserve’s next moves.
  • And specify the month where he believes investors will be “rewarded” by stock-market gains.
You can access Jason’s insight by clicking the “Play” button on the image below: