Your State of the Markets Report: We See Less ‘Noise’ – And More Opportunity – In This Last Half of the Year

By TradeSmith Editorial Staff

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This year has been one for the history books, a seven-month stretch that has driven investors to distraction.

And for good reason — the contradictions have been unrelenting.

For instance:

  • Inflation is cooling but the Federal Reserve may still boost rates two more times by the end of the year.
  • JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM) CEO Jamie Dimon has declared that consumers are in “good shape” — just as U.S. credit card debt surged to a record $986 billion.
  • Headlines trumpet layoff after layoff — but the latest report out of Washington said the American economic machine is still too strong.
  • And the banking system cracked in March — but a market rally earlier this week was led by… bank stocks.
Those are just a few “snapshots” — there are plenty more “head-scratcher” data points — but you get the general idea.

That confusion is the bad news.

But here’s the good news.

You’re not alone.

TradeSmith CEO Keith Kaplan is here to cut through all that noise… to tell you what to care about and what to ignore — and walk you through a kick-emotion-to-the-curb analytic system that spotlights real, “right-now” opportunities.

That’s what TradeSmith does.

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