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By TradeSmith Research Team

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Today is Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday of the year for as long as I can remember.

And because it’s Thanksgiving, I dare not keep you long.

I don’t want you reading newsletters while you’re surrounded by loved ones… and just an arm’s reach from the candied yams topped with baked marshmallows (seriously, who’s the genius that came up with that one?).

I’m going to keep things short… and just as sweet.

Today I want to show you a few great things we here at TradeSmith provide completely free of charge.

You don’t have to spend a single red cent to use these things, and they’ll all help you become not just a better investor, but an expert at TradeSmith’s suite of tools.

Flag this email and make sure to come back to it again Monday morning after the turkey coma has worn off, as it’ll be full of ways for you to gain an edge on the market and stay ahead of the newest investing innovations…

Three Free TradeSmith Resources to Be Thankful For

  1. TradeSmith Analytics

    I’ve talked about TradeSmith Analytics before, and I maintain it’s one of the best-bang-for-your-minute tools that you can use every day.

    The dashboard contains five incredibly useful stats, updated every trading day:

    • The most overbought AND oversold sectors based on the Relative Strength Index indicator. This helps you figure out which stocks may be set to pull back… and which are gearing up for a rebound.
    • The top stocks based on TradeSmith’s proprietary Business Quality Score. This list shows you the most fundamentally healthy stocks in the market — a treasure trove of quality names across the market-cap spectrum. Helpfully, it also shows how much their scores have changed over the past year. Rapidly improving businesses like these can make excellent investment targets.
    • Trinity Stocks. Stocks in an uptrend, with a high BQS, and a cheap valuation. That’s a golden trifecta of factors that our research has shown makes for market-beating gains.
    • The Leaders and Laggards across all the stocks and ETFs we track on a one-month, six-month, one-year, and year-to-date basis. The best- and worst-performing stocks on all those time frames are available to see at any time, and knowing these can help you try a little knife-catching… or seek out high-momentum names set to keep charging higher.
    Check in with TradeSmith Analytics often. I make it an essential part of my morning before the market opens, and it always gives me a quiver of trade ideas to run off and start researching — and if they pass a few sniff tests, write to you about.
  2. Our Free Special Reports

    Free is the theme of the day, and it doesn’t stop with automated tools. Not even close!

    TradeSmith is host to a huge library of special reports that anyone can access at any time, 100% free.

    One of the essential reports that you should bookmark (not print out, I’ll show you why) is the TradeSmith Daily “When to Sell 50 of the World’s Most Popular Stocks” report.

    This free resource, updated daily with TradeSmith’s proprietary algorithmic data, shows what we think are the best prices to sell 50 of the most widely owned U.S. companies. It also tells you if they’re in long-term, healthy uptrends or perilous downtrends.

    I highly suggest you read through the report, then check the list to see if you own any of the listed stocks. Keep an eye on their health, and be ready to sell when they hit our suggested level.

    Our “Foundations of Wealth” e-book, by TradeSmith CEO Keith Kaplan, is also an excellent read for those who want to deeply understand TradeSmith’s ethos and mission. As someone who’s read no shortage of special reports from within the financial publishing space, I can say with zero hesitation that this one is a standout. TradeSmith is a different kind of publisher, and Keith makes that abundantly clear in these pages.

    I also have to give a shoutout to two other high-quality newsletters in our network, each with their own special reports to onboard new investors.

    One of them is Jason Bodner’s “25 Doomed Blue-Chip Stocks” report, which contains exactly what it says on the tin. Access the report and sign up for Jason’s Power Trends newsletter in just one click, right here.

    You’ll want to peruse that report carefully and consider offloading any of the names Jason mentions. And as an added bonus, you’ll get Power Trends — a regular inside look at where Big Money institutions are making moves.

    And over at Derby City Insights, Andy and Landon Swan recently published their “3 Stocks to Build Your Wealth in 2024” report. Here, too, you can access the report and sign up for Andy and Landon’s e-letter all in one click.

    I just got caught up with it, and I must say all of the picks make a ton of sense… I’m even buying one as soon as I’m done writing this essay. Sign up to receive it here, and you’ll get even more great investment ideas in your inbox.

  3. The TradeSmith Education Center

    This Education Center is a hub for all things TradeSmith software. Every feature that exists within the TradeSmith Finance platform is exhaustively detailed in these pages, along with video tutorials — what we call our TradeSmith Bootcamp — that show you how to use them.

    Those two links only scratch the surface of what the Education Center has on offer. Whether you’re a current paid-up TradeSmith subscriber of any level or this is the first email you’ve read from us, you can use this resource to understand the breadth and depth of the TradeSmith suite.

I hope once the Thanksgiving festivities have ended, you find some time this long weekend to check out a few of the things on offer for the low, low, price of $0.00 here at TradeSmith.

All of them, I promise, will help you in some way to become a better, more well-rounded, and hopefully more profitable investor.

We’ll be back to our regular programming tomorrow morning, with a look at how the American consumer is prepared for the most consumerist of consumer holidays…

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

To your health and wealth,

Michael Salvatore
Michael Salvatore
Editor, TradeSmith Daily