As Debt Surges and Inflation Nags, Our Predictive Stock Tool Keeps Delivering Winners

By TradeSmith Editorial Staff

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After each of its rate hikes, in each of its statements, the Federal Reserve justifies its moves and swats away worries with the mantra “The American consumer is strong.”

Since consumers account for the majority of the American economy’s health, their strength or weakness is the correct metric to focus on.

And that’s the problem.

Just this week, U.S. credit card debt eclipsed the $1 trillion threshold. So it’s a record, but not one to boast about.

Overall household debt is now at an aggregate $17 trillion, which means the “strong consumer” is shouldering a heavy load.

And that challenge to keep spending just keeps getting heavier as inflation keeps making everything more expensive.

Yesterday, the latest reports said inflation inched up 0.2%; matching projections, but higher nevertheless.

It’s a vicious cycle: Consumers have to keep borrowing to keep buying, and what they are buying just keeps going up in price.

For investors like you and me, that just means the “margin for error” (Wall Street-speak for “don’t make a mistake) is as tight as it’s ever been.

You need to know which stocks to buy – and when to buy them. And you also need to know which stocks to avoid – the “toxic” shares that can steal your wealth.

And nothing helps you do that better than artificial intelligence (AI).

It’s analytic.

It’s emotion-free.

It doesn’t succumb to FOMO (fear of missing out).

And it’s programmed for single missions and doesn’t stop until an objective is achieved.

Within our brand-new AI-harnessing Predictive Alpha product, we’ve created a predictive trading tool that can tell you where a stock will be trading a month into the future.

It can spotlight winners… and do it over and over again.

Get into a rhythm where you’re averaging at least 1% a week, and you’re looking at an annualized equivalent of 52% – like packing four years of market returns into a single 12-month stretch.

That’s how you find winners. And how you win.

Like with this opportunity.

Double-Digit Gains Predicted in Less Than a Month

The company I want to highlight today is Offerpad Solutions Inc. (OPAD).

It’s a tech innovator disguised as a real-estate venture – a company that squeezes the closing period on new home purchases from six months to just three days.

Source: Offerpad May 2023 Investor Presentation

The company facilitated 10,000+ home sales in 2022 and nine out of 10 customers would recommend Offerpad to a friend.

This is a company – and a stock – that could have real legs in your portfolio.

But as a short-term trade, Predictive Alpha circled this as a winner.

Our system (the prediction made is as of this writing) is telling us that Offerpad could surge to $11.40 per share in less than 30 days.

That’s better than a 12% jump.

This is how you get an edge… a predictive edge… even as debt surges and inflation continues to hang around.

No matter if we get a soft landing or the Federal Reserve hikes us into a full-blown recession.

And no matter what the headlines blare each morning.

Because you can have the power of AI at your fingertips.