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Is Your Stock’s Dividend Reliable? Here’s How to Check.

August 11, 2022 | Educational

A report from earlier in the year by my friend and TradeSmith CEO Keith Kaplan pointed out that it’s not enough to seek out stocks with high dividend yields. You also need to make sure those high yields are sustainable.

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The Recession That Isn’t There

August 4, 2022 | Educational

Here’s the truth: Look past the headline numbers reported by the nightly news. Dig a little deeper and you’ll see that the economy improved in Q2 from Q1 once you adjust the data for inflation.

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These Inflationary Smoke Signals Show Us One Sin Stock to Grab — And One to Run Away From

August 3, 2022 | EducationalInvesting Strategies

To make sense of all this information, we’re running two tobacco companies through our proprietary trading tools — one is the largest company by market cap and the other is a discount retailer — to share what our tools are saying to do in this moment.

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TradeSmith Snippets: The Confusing SNAP Stock Split, Coinbase Battles with the SEC, and Vaccine Stocks Get a Boost

August 1, 2022 | Educational

We received such a tremendous response when we launched TradeSmith Snippets last week that I wanted to make sure that this was a regular feature you could look forward to in TradeSmith Daily. I’ll let our team take it away from here.

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When a Long-Term Winner Like Boeing Is Facing a Choppy Market, I Use This Strategy

July 28, 2022 | Educational

This company is in a league of its own, not just because of its track record of aerospace engineering feats, but mainly because building big airplanes for both the government and private sector airlines is as close to a modern-day monopoly business as you can get. And that means pricing power. After all, when the USAF needs B-52 spare parts, there’s only one place to buy them.

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Earnings Mania and Fed Follies – and the Bear-Market Strategy That Will Help You Win

July 27, 2022 | Educational

My goal: to have you peruse this report and walk away feeling sanguine about “what comes next” because you have a money strategy that gives you safety, income, and a powerful payoff. Let’s start by talking about what’s coming our way — and why it matters.

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3 Strategies to Turn Netflix into the Buy of the Century

July 24, 2022 | Educational

It’s an unpleasant reality that shareholders are trapped in, especially those who may still be holding on to shares they bought for $700. For anyone who wants to invest but hasn’t — no one wants to try to catch a falling knife, as the stock could keep sliding.

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My Top 3 ‘Money Never Sleeps’ Stocks to Buy Now

July 23, 2022 | Educational

Here are three stocks that can make you that money.

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One Inflation-Resistant Stock to Buy, One to Avoid – and a Strategy That Hasn’t Been This Cheap in Decades

July 21, 2022 | Educational

In today’s broadcast, I’ll give you a side-by-side comparison – a “Buy This/Not That” rundown — on two dividend-paying stocks, and tell you how alt shares can help you pull even greater gains out of high-performing stocks.

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The “Good/Better/Best” Bear-Market Investing Plan

July 20, 2022 | Educational

TradeSmith CEO Keith Kaplan got together with TradeSmith Senior Analyst Mike Burnick so that he could share this time-sensitive interview on what investors and traders should be doing at this very moment.

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