Giving Thanks for the Rent-To-Own Stock Strategy

Nov 25, 2021

Think about it. Millions of Americans lease their cars instead of buying them, and it often makes good financial sense to do so. The same is true for TVs, furniture, and home appliances. Why buy when you can rent to own?

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Gold Now Looks Bearish — and the Dollar Bullish — because of the Quantum Deficit Effect

Feb 10, 2021

The TradeSmith Decoder portfolio hit a new milestone this week. Our highest conviction equity position became a ten-bagger as of the Feb. 9 close, reaching the 1,000% gain mark in less than a year. The wild thing is, this company is just getting started. We wouldn’t be surprised to see it reach thirty- or forty-bagger status in the next few…

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Gold Stocks are a Portfolio Inoculation Against Coronavirus and Central Banks

Feb 24, 2020

As of late February 2020, the major U.S. indexes are down more than 3% — and gold stocks are up more than 3%. On a day when global equities were hit hard by coronavirus (COVID-19) fears, gold and gold stocks surged to brand-new, multi-year highs. That is not a coincidence. Gold miner profit margins are leveraged to the long-term gold…

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Groundbreaking New Study Shows Why Wall Street Pros Need TradeStops

Jan 16, 2019

For years, we have tracked the performance of a “Billionaire’s Club” of the world’s best investors. Through quarterly filings, we are able to see when these investors buy and sell and compare their results to how they might fare using TradeStops. What we have found is that, in most cases, the performance of these top investors could be improved, sometimes…

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