America and the World Will Never Be the Same

Mar 20, 2020

Vladimir Ilyich Lenin once said: “There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen.” We are living through one of those weeks. Lenin led the Bolshevik revolution of 1917 and the formation of the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) in 1922. When he said “there are weeks where decades happen,” Lenin meant society can exist…

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America’s Top CEOs are Not Optimistic About Recovery

Jun 30, 2020

Who thinks the business impact from coronavirus will disappear quickly? Not America’s top CEOs. They see pandemic-related challenges lasting until the end of 2021 — and perhaps even longer. The Business Roundtable, founded in 1972, is an association based in Washington, D.C., that only has CEOs as members. Unlike the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, where membership exists at the business…

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An $83 Billion Silicon Valley Heavyweight Buys Bitcoin — and Shows Others How to Do It

Oct 12, 2020

If you haven’t bought Bitcoin for the first time yet, the odds are good that you will. The question is whether you will do it sooner — and be glad that you did — or do it later and wish you had acted much earlier. Bitcoin is not just an investment opportunity, like a stock that investors can own or…

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Apple is Still Serious About an Apple Car

Dec 23, 2020

Apple still wants to disrupt the electric vehicle (EV) industry, and it could have some form of EV in production as soon as 2024. This comes from a Reuters scoop, as told to Reuters by an inside source. No matter how you slice it, Apple getting into the EV space would be a seriously big deal. Nor would they be…

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Because of Texas, a Historic Infrastructure Bill Now Looks Inevitable

Feb 22, 2021

Imagine the world as a ball-shaped scoop of ice cream, sitting upright in an ice cream cone. The polar vortex is a circular flow of low-pressure cold air swirling around the top, or dome, of the ice cream scoop. This low-pressure air flow is held in place by a ring of high-pressure warm air that surrounds it like a doughnut. …

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Berkshire Hathaway Makes a Surprise Move in Japan

Sep 01, 2020

For a guy who just turned 90 — his birthday was Aug. 30 — Warren Buffett is still razor sharp. He is certainly not “washed up,” as flash-in-the-pan day trader Dave Portnoy called him earlier this year. Every once in a while, Buffett makes a surprise investment with billions. It is typically an unexpected move — the kind of thing…

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Bitcoin and Einstein’s Theory of Relativity

Nov 22, 2019

China giveth, and China taketh away — when it comes to cryptocurrencies at least. Just last month, the entire cryptocurrency market surged, gaining $50 billion worth of market cap in 48 hours or so, on a pro-blockchain speech from Xi Jinping, the president of China. Few had expected China’s leader for life to give such a powerful personal endorsement. The…

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Bitcoin is a Schelling Point

Nov 06, 2020

On Oct. 30, we noted that Bitcoin is outperforming gold. Less than a week later, as the U.S. election week comes to a close, Bitcoin is up another 14% (above $15,500 as of this writing). The latest run higher seems driven by a sudden burst of extreme U.S. dollar weakness — a bullish thing for risk assets in general, and…

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Apple is HOT, Here’s Why You Should Own It

Apr 29, 2021

At a congressional hearing in 1953, Charles Wilson, CEO of General Motors, said, “As goes GM, so goes the nation.” America has changed 68 years later; One should now say, “As goes Apple, so goes the nation’s stock market.”

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Bitcoin Will Not Replace the U.S. Dollar (It Will Do Something Better Instead)

Jan 13, 2021

As the institutional world starts taking Bitcoin seriously, new questions are emerging. For instance: Will Bitcoin replace the U.S. dollar? Will it push aside major fiat currency competitors? Could Bitcoin usher in a fiat-free world? In our view, the answer is “no” three times over. The destiny of Bitcoin is not to replace or dominate fiat currencies. It is to…

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