ChatGPT and Declining Workforce Participation – What to Know

Jan 09, 2023

Any time something like ChatGPT – a user-friendly chatbot that was trained to interact with people in a conversational, humanlike way – is released into the world without much warning, there are always renewed worries that artificial intelligence (AI) will eventually render the human workforce obsolete. And when the United States labor force participation rate is still lower than it…

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China is Using its Currency to Stockpile Copper and Grains

Jan 25, 2021

In the TradeSmith Decoder model portfolio, we have a large position in a top-tier copper miner that was up more than 190% as of last Friday’s close. For that we say: “Thank you, China.” There are other crucial factors driving the price of copper higher — and grains, too — but China is a big one. China has been using…

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China’s Coronavirus Stats Can’t Be Trusted

Apr 01, 2020

The coronavirus data coming out of China is manipulated, and possibly outright false. We know this, in part, because a Chinese health official has admitted as much. There have also been questions and red flags around China’s data reporting from very early on. This matters because China’s coronavirus statistics — the number of cases, the number of fatalities, and the…

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China’s Property Problems Come Home to Roost

Sep 21, 2021

China is facing a potential Lehman Brothers moment with the impending failure of its second-largest property developer. Let me explain the saga of a company called Evergrande, and the possible impact of a looming debt default.

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