Negative Bond Yields Infect the U.K.

May 21, 2020

The U.K. government achieved a dubious milestone on Wednesday, May 20. It sold its first ever batch of negative-yield bonds. In 2016 — when Brexit took markets by surprise — a one-month U.K. treasury bill went negative. But May 20 was Britain’s first time for a conventional longer-term bond. The offering was for 3.8 billion pounds worth of three-year gilts…

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New Decade Career Advice: Work at Taco Bell

Jan 10, 2020

Do you happen to know a young graduate looking for work in the American Midwest or Northeast? Are they feeling uncertain about their job direction or career path? Maybe they should work at Taco Bell. That sounds like the lead-in to a joke, but isn’t, because this Jan. 9 headline from Bloomberg is real: “You Can Now Make $100,000 Working…

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Netflix, Facebook, PayPal, and Others All Have the Same Problem (and it isn’t the Fed)

Feb 04, 2022

When Netflix (NFLX) gapped down 21.8% lower on Jan. 21, investors were shaken by the spectacle of a $200-billion-plus FANG name losing a fifth of its market cap overnight. But that was just a warm-up.

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