Don’t Bet on the ‘Amazon of China’ Joining the Tech Rally

By TradeSmith Research Team

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Big tech has led the herd for the “official ” bull market that started on June 8, with a familiar name near the front of the pack — Inc. (AMZN).

AMZN stock has climbed over 50% since the start of the year, but one tech giant that’s often referred to as the “Chinese Amazon” hasn’t taken part in the rally – Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. (BABA).

Unlike the double-digit returns of Amazon, Alibaba is down nearly 8% for the year as of this writing.

There have been a few reasons BABA hasn’t kept up with the broader rally:

  • Increased competition in the Chinese e-commerce sector.
  • Softbank Group Corp. (SFTBY) reducing its stake in Alibaba.
  • A slower reopening in China than expected.
  • And sluggish revenue growth… just to name a few factors.
But in a surprise shakeup that may inspire renewed optimism, Alibaba now has new leaders at the helm.

Daniel Zhang is stepping down as chairman and CEO and will be replaced by Alibaba co-founder Joe Tsai for the chairman position. Eddie Wu, previously serving as the chairman of the e-commerce units Taobao and Tmall Group, will take over as CEO.

The news comes just months after the company announced its biggest restructuring plans in 24 years, with Alibaba splitting into six separate units.

With the BABA stock price not keeping up with other big tech stocks, I started to wonder if this was the push needed to get the stock price moving… and if this would be the time to “get in early” on a potential rebound.

When I had a chance to catch up with Jason Bodner, the inventor of the Quantum Edge investing system, I made sure to get his insight into the situation.

Because the thing about Jason is… he doesn’t make decisions based on news headlines.

Instead, he does something entirely different.

The Quantum Edge

Whenever Jason hears about a “turnaround” story or a new “catalyst” that is going to send a stock price higher, he can immediately go into his Quantum Edge system, look up key metrics, and see if the company deserves his attention and investing dollars.

From what he’s seeing at this moment, Alibaba doesn’t.

His MAP Score, Technical Score, and Fundamental Score rank BABA very poorly:

The second data point he can drill into is what “Big Money” is doing.

After spending decades on Wall Street, Jason had the realization that if you could follow where some of the smartest and wealthiest Big Money players were putting their money, you could piggyback off their trades and create your own successful results. Looking at that, you can see a big “goose egg“ for Buy Signals over the last 30 days… and the last 90 days:

As a stark difference, you can look at a stock Jason just talked about earlier this week as one that does deserve your attention: Tesla Inc. (TSLA).

In terms of its MAP Score, Technical Score, and Fundamental Score, Tesla is not only a superior investment to Alibaba… but it’s also a superior investment opportunity within the entire stock market:

Then there’s what the Big Money is doing.

Just over the last month, there have been 11 Buy Signals for Tesla:

In the battle for attention and investing dollars, it’s clear from Jason’s data that Alibaba doesn’t deserve either.