My Investing Journey and the One Dream We All Will Love …

Jun 25, 2021

Almost seven years ago, I was recruited to work at Stansberry Research.

I came in to help them build systems and also to build a simple portfolio tracker for their customers.

It was the best place I had ever worked. They are the leader in financial research.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been climbing the corporate ladder for a few decades now and have worked at great places.

I even had my own business for 10 years.

But until I had worked at Stansberry Research, I had never worked directly with consumers.

And I certainly had no good, formal education in financial literacy or investing.

I spent years building software packages, one after another, for big corporations to use, including Fortune 500 businesses like Walmart, GE, and Pepsi, among many more.

But, on my quest to build an incredible portfolio tracker, I realized that TradeSmith was the place to be for me.

And because our companies work together from time to time, it allowed me to not only build software, but also consult for TradeSmith for a few years.

In late 2017, I finally joined TradeSmith.

My role was to overhaul the existing TradeStops product and also build new products that change the game for individual investors.

My No. 1 goal has always been (and still is today) to build products that hedge funds would love, but that we make easy to use and sell only to individuals like you and me.

I’ve been investing for probably 25 years now.

I’m excellent at math, but that doesn’t make me any better at managing my emotions than anyone else.

That journey has been hard.

Every time I seemed to “win” at the markets, I’d follow up with a series of terrible decisions.

And the hamster wheel just continued to spin over and over.

Make a great trade; feel invincible. Then make a few bad trades and retreat.

Rinse and repeat.

Now, at TradeSmith, I finally have the tools to be successful.

I know when to buy and sell stocks, funds, and cryptos… I know how much to buy.

I know how to build portfolios in minutes that are risk adjusted and diversified for maximum upside potential. I know how to exit markets at major crashes.

But there was one thing still holding me back.

So, I dreamed up a solution for that problem and I presented it to our board in January 2018.

And when I presented my dream — one where you could make major gains with low risk in the stock market on a weekly basis …

I was told two things at the same time …

  1. This would be the most important and significant innovation ever created for do-it-yourself investors.
  2. It would be impossible to create.

Talk about a letdown.

But that didn’t stop me. It only made me more determined than ever.

So, I started talking to our huge team of researchers, mathematicians, data scientists, and software engineers about my vision.

We realized the hardest thing to do would be to get the right data set with probably hundreds of millions of rows of data AND marry that to algorithms that were precise.

Today, my dream is finally a reality. And I’ve been using this for months along with my team to perfect our algorithms and change the way we all invest forever.

In fact, there are several team members who were not doing anything in the markets until I showed them my strategies for making money every single week.

And now I’m ready to share these strategies with my faithful TradeSmith readers. As you can tell, I’m beyond excited to share my vision and the results of this hard work. In fact, I’m planning to share it in an upcoming event on Wednesday, June 30, at 8 p.m. Eastern.

You do not want to miss this event.

I’m confident that you will learn so much… it may change your perspective on making money in the stock market forever.

I have so much to share, and I think you’re going to love what you see and learn.

Looking forward to “seeing” you online on Wednesday, June 30.