Power Trends+: You Request Them, We Rank Them

By Jason Bodner

Watch now…

If you follow ice hockey at all, you know the Florida Panthers beat the Edmonton Oilers last night in a thrilling Game 7 to win the Stanley Cup. The Panthers are my number two team, so I’m happy along with my home state of Florida. 

But it’s still a little bit bittersweet because I’m a huge New York Rangers fan, so it stung when the Panthers eliminated the Rangers three weeks ago in the conference finals. 

Investors might be feeling a little stung, too, but for other reasons. Stocks have gotten more volatile recently, and many are hitting lows.  

But there’s always a silver lining and some glimmers of hope – like the fact I can still celebrate a Panthers win since I’m a Florida native and live right up the road from the arena where they play. 

And there are always great stocks poised to make money… we just need to know how to find them. 

That’s why I ran your requested stocks through my Quantum Edge system to find the top four with the best Quantum Scores… and the bottom four that got eliminated. 

I really enjoy bringing you all these video issues and providing my analysis by taking a closer look at what makes a stellar stock, and what makes a dud. Remember, the stocks in this video are not currently recommended in my investing services, but that doesn’t stop me from digging into the data to help you in your research. 

My fellow TradeSmith analyst and business partner Luke Downey and I will be back next week with an all-new Power Trends+ video analysis. As always, make sure to send in your tickers – or anything else you’d like us to talk about – to [email protected]

Talk soon,

Jason Bodner
Editor, Jason Bodner’s Power Trends