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Investment Tools

TradeSmith’s flagship investing tool demonstrates why this company has emerged as a fintech leader. Sync your investment portfolios and track the overall health and performance of every stock you own. Learn to trade like an expert—maximizing your gains and keeping what you’ve earned – by taking emotion out of your investing process. Get daily alerts for stocks operating outside their normal volatility based on our proprietary analytics to tell you when you should sell – and when you should buy back in.
Find your next favorite investment by letting our algorithms do the work. Use any of our seven proprietary, back-tested strategies to find stock ideas that mesh with your personal investment philosophy and feelings about risk. Then measure them against the others to find the ones with the most opportunities, giving them the highest chance at success. You can also get an at-a-glance look at the health of the markets, sectors, and commodities and then drill down to find the healthiest opportunities in the healthiest areas of the market.
Combine the best of both worlds with access to all the best tools of TradeStops and Ideas by TradeSmith. You’ll get access to the Pure Quant portfolio builder, the Billionaire’s Club, AND the market health indicators and Ideas lab strategies – all in one convenient package.
So many things in the world exist within the context of measurable patterns – the tides, the seasons, the phases of the moon – and the stock market and specific stock plays are no exception. Our Timing by TradeSmith indicators use our back-tested research to highlight potential entry and exit opportunities based on short-, medium-, long-, and very long-term patterns to help you make investment decisions at the best possible time.
Our Ratings tool shows you, at a glance, the overall sentiment about any stock we track based on 11 underlying fundamental and technical indicators. From Strong Bullish to Strong Bearish, this easy-to-read indicator can give you extra conviction on any stock you’re considering.

Trading Tools

Get the top three income options trade ideas from our system emailed to you each month with weekly updates and guidance on how to manage your trade. In its first six months, this system has a track record with a win rate of better than 90%.
Take your options trading to the next level with Options360 by TradeSmith. Use pre-built screeners to find options opportunities based on probability of profit, return on investment, and more. Or build your own custom screener to match any strategy you follow.
Money Movers by TradeSmith tracks where smart money is moving – both in buys and sells – to give users the opportunity to take advantage of movement before most retail investors are aware. Track movement by sectors or individual stocks, using indicators for institutional and insider activity, unusual options activity, and other factors. 

Cryptocurrency Research & Software

Globetrotting cryptocurrency expert Joe Shew makes this promising new asset class – this future of digital assets – accessible to everyone in his monthly Crypto Strategist Advisory. Joe will show you the best cryptos to buy, where to buy them, and how much to pay – and he’ll share the fascinating backstories behind each of these opportunities. Coupled with weekly “how-to” videos and predictions of the great things still to come, it will transform you into a crypto expert – even as he gives you the chance to create long-term wealth from his recommendations.
Join our Senior Crypto Analyst, Joe Shew, for an in-depth look at the world of cryptocurrencies. Joe’s goal is to teach you (rather than show you) how to invest in cryptos for profit. Joe will provide a comprehensive monthly newsletter with his Decentralized Wealth Fund model portfolio, plus weekly updates with three cryptos that should be on your radar: one to watch, one to avoid, and one that’s “cherry ripe.”
Transform the crypto market’s well-chronicled volatility into a trading advantage with analytics that help you decide when to buy – and the time to get out. Track your crypto investments using our proprietary risk-management algorithm with customizable automatic alerts to tell you when it’s time to act.
Capitalize on our four back-tested strategies for finding the best opportunities in crypto. Use Crypto Ideas by TradeSmith Premium to track the health of the crypto market and use our screening tools to ID the best crypto opportunities at the optimal moment.

Income Generation

Mike Burnick’s premier trading service with TradeSmith, Ultimate Income lets you “program” your portfolio to deliver payments on the schedule you want, potentially grabbing income in any market environment and supercharging your returns with the capital gains on the stocks he spotlights.

Macro Investing Research

TradeSmith’s first newsletter advisory, Decoder uses a “go anywhere” approach to find money-making opportunities wherever they may be found. Led by TradeSmith’s Chief Research Officer Justice Clark Litle with daily market updates, Decoder seeks to show you the opportunity to make big investments for even bigger gains.
Quantum Edge Pro uses quantitative analysis of the best stocks in the market to find the strongest performers – the best of the best – based on fundamental and technical analysis. For extra conviction, we also track Big Money movement on these stocks before the price moves up (or down) in a big way. We combine these quantifiable numbers and give you a proprietary Quantum Score to give you confidence in the investments we recommend.