Crypto by TradeSmith’s patent-pending algorithms reveal the health of individual cryptos and help you optimize portfolio risk.

Portfolio Management

Create an Investment or Watch portfolio in just a few simple steps. Use the tools to understand risk and current health of crypto assets.

  • Add Portfolios and Positions:

    Add currently held cryptos to your Investment portfolio. Create Watch portfolios to keep an eye on cryptos you’re considering for investment.

  • Volatility Quotient:

    Get up-to-date data on how much risk each crypto carries. Set up alerts and equalize risk across your positions.

  • Crypto State Indicator:

    Employ an intuitive “Green-Yellow-Red” Light system to see which cryptos are in a healthy, neutral, or unhealthy state.

Risk Management

If you’re going to invest in cryptos, then risk is a fact of life. Using Crypto by TradeSmith’sTM patent-pending tools helps you manage risk and reduce uncertainty in your investments

  • Portfolio Volatility Quotient:

    The PVQ Analyzer assesses the volatility quotient across single and multiple portfolios, giving you a graphical snapshot of how your investments are distributed among low, medium, high, or sky-high risk.

  • Risk Rebalancer:

    Crypto by TradeSmithTM helps you stay in cryptos for the long-term by allocating more money into your less risky cryptos and just the right amount into your “moonshots.” Simply click on the Risk Rebalancer tab, select your portfolio and click “Rebalance.” You’ll then see what steps to take to equalize your risk according to each crypto’s Volatility Quotient (VQ).



Crypto by TradeSmith’sTM tools make deep technical research easy. Compare cryptos, discover optimal investment allocations, and spot new cryptos you may want to invest in.

  • Position Size Calculator:

    Every crypto has its own unique VQ. The Position Size Calculator uses that number to help you make smarter decisions based on how much you’d like to risk on any given position.

  • Pure Quant:

    Runs a series of rules to help you easily narrow down cryptos with the most attractive characteristics to add to your portfolio. You can add new cryptos, including those from your newsletter subscriptions, then run the Pure Quant tool, to create a fully optimized portfolio with a manageable number of positions.

  • Newsletter Incorporation:

    Access your Newsletter subscriptions from directly inside Crypto by TradeSmithTM Newsletter page. Import model portfolios, analyze editor recommendations, and use our tools to select the top picks from your newsletters.


"I originally bought some Bitcoin back in May 2017 when the price was around $1200. I invested a total of around $28,000 in the Cryptocurrency space. I sold some to build a diversified portfolio and in amazement watched the total sum climb to the Christmas 2017 all time highs and my holding peaked at £170,000 or around $240,000. If I had access to Crypto by TradeSmith I would have been alerted to get out as the large price correction gathered pace and then notified to get in again as the market bottomed out...it would have paid for CryptoTradeSmith many, many times over!"