The Results Are In… And Here’s the Perfect Stock for You

By TradeSmith Research Team

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Today in TradeSmith Daily, we reveal the winner of the Research Lab survey… and share why we’re so excited with the results.

You see, one of our most promising projects — already well underway in the Lab — perfectly caters to what you’re saying you want to see from us.

This method of investing has been shown to beat the market 7-to-1 over the last 32 years. It shows you what may be the best way to systematically find the world’s best investments… long before the crowd sees them for what they are.

It’s like riding in the slipstream of a billionaire’s Lamborghini, effortlessly zooming past all the traffic on the road.

You can start using this method immediately. It doesn’t require anything more than an ordinary brokerage account and a few minutes of time.

But we’re confident that this simple idea will be a wealth game changer in 2024 and beyond. That’s why we’re going to tell you everything we can about this idea over the coming weeks and months.

It’s critically important for you to use this and get positioned in the best names you can, now, before things really take off in 2024.

That’s why today, along with the results of the survey, I’ll share this method with you — including one stock that fits the bill perfectly, and that you can buy right now.

The Winners and Losers of the TradeSmith Research Lab Survey

I shared a 1,000-foot look at the survey results in Friday’s digest.

We used a ranked-choice voting system to better understand where your investment priorities are. It showed that, on the whole, Growth Stocks topped the list, trailed closely by Dividend Stocks, Options Trading for Income, then Speculation.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of how respondents ranked each of the items.

Most interesting to me is that most folks placed Dividend Stocks as a top priority, even though Growth Stocks was more frequently in the top four.

Options Trading for Income also had a strong showing… and we’ll have plenty to share on that, very soon.

But for now, you favor growth stocks on the whole… with an edge toward the ones that pay a dividend.

I get why. It’s an enticing proposition. You get big capital gains on one hand… and big payouts on the other. Or better yet, an opportunity to reinvest your dividends and grow your early stake in a fast-growing company.

Thing is, growth-stage companies don’t usually pay dividends. When you’re in growth mode, you’re plugging whatever earnings you get back into the company, funding operations and further growth.

It bears out in the numbers: Only an estimated 30% to 40% of Nasdaq stocks — the home for high-growth and high-tech companies — issue a dividend. And right now, just 725 of the stocks in the Russell 2000 pay a dividend.

That might sound like a lot, but you can’t just run out and buy anything with a small market cap that pays a dividend. That’s a recipe for disaster… not to mention an untamable beast of a portfolio.

If you’re going to get sustainable growth and sustainable payouts, you have to find the best of the best.

And that’s where TradeSmith’s hyper-advanced research methodology comes into play…

We’ll also get a little help from our quantitative stock-picking expert Jason Bodner, whose method for finding the best growth stocks has shown to beat the market 7-to-1.

Jason’s Quantum Edge Is Your Answer

If you checked out my video interview with Jason that I sent you yesterday, you already know quite a lot about him.

You know he spent years as one of Cantor Fitzgerald’s top dealmakers and is now sharing that experience with his readers to follow the moves of big institutional capital.

You know he’s a zealot for quality — he stays away from any stock that’s not in sublime fundamental and technical health. As just one example, penny stocks don’t show up in his system at all; it’s the first filter he runs.

But what you might not know is that Jason uses something we internally call “business momentum.”

It’s a rare, powerful force that only a small handful of companies hold. It’s those companies that have it “figured out,” and have the world rushing to buy their product or service.

Think Starbucks 20 years ago, just as it was beginning to completely take over the coffee industry. Or Apple, when it introduced the iPhone in 2007. Or Amazon, when it first began branching out beyond books in 1997.

In these moments, the companies were ramping up their business momentum. They were on the cusp of taking over their niches and becoming money machines. Virtuous, cyclical loops of earnings that make them bigger and bigger.

Like a snowball rolling downhill through fresh powder, companies with business momentum grow exponentially.

And stocks like these are precisely what Jason targets. Because doing that has helped his system beat the market returns by 7-to-1 over the last 32 years.

You should know that Jason doesn’t exclusively target dividend stocks — he’s also looking for stocks that will one day grow into a dividend-paying company.

But occasionally, when the stars align, Jason finds an opportunity in a stock that’s growing like a weed and paying a dividend all at once.

Stocks like this one.

A “Freebie” Stock from Jason’s Buy List

If you’ve already signed up for Jason’s webinar on Dec. 13, you might have gone in and checked out his Quantum Edge scoring system, which he’s applied to 20 hand-selected stocks.

You might’ve also taken notice of a stock by the name of Tradeweb Markets Inc. (TW).

This financial services company is decidedly in growth mode, with double-digit revenue, income, and profit margin growth year-over-year. Shares are also up 42% over the past year.

Currently TW rates an 81 on Jason’s Quantum Score, putting it right in the sweet spot where you want to buy.

And for the dividend-seekers out there, TW pays out 9 cents per share quarterly. That might not sound like much, but it’s more than you get for most early-stage companies. More importantly, it’s clearly sustainable.

It’s paid a dividend consistently since 2019, when the company was half its current size. And a year ago, it raised its dividend by more than 12%.

Jason recommended TW to his Quantum Edge Pro readers back in May, and the company’s been on a tear ever since. Readers who took Jason’s recommendation are up more than 27% on the position since then, with the stock barely flinching in the face of the late-summer drawdown.

This example should be a good gauge for the kind of companies Jason looks for. Fast movers with lower risk. Dividend payers still in growth mode. Great businesses with thick profit margins that don’t have to rely on high-falutin’ tech trends to attract capital.

Look out for more research from TradeSmith Daily on high-growth stock opportunities in the very near future.

To your health and wealth,

Michael Salvatore
Michael Salvatore
Editor, TradeSmith Daily