TradeSmith’s Exponential Growth… And Your Place In It

By Keith Kaplan

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Over just a few years, TradeSmith has become massive

We’re proud to host no less than three dozen different software features, tools, and indicators built into our TradeSmith Finance platform. 

That’s not even counting the many different investment advisories from Jason Bodner, Mike Burnick, William McCanless, Justice Clark Litle, Wade Hansen, and John Jagerson.

But if you’ve been with us for a long time, you know it wasn’t always that way…

In fact, when I came on board seven years ago, TradeSmith had just ONE piece of software: TradeStops

Now, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE TradeStops. It answers some of the biggest questions on investors’ minds – when to sell a winner, when to cut a loser, and how much to put into a position.

TradeStops, on its own, helps us get out of our own way. Because it’s not always the stock you buy… but how and when you buy. That’s critical to master.

In many ways, it’s still our most important piece of software. The Volatility Quotient at the core of it also plays a role in lots of our other software tools.

But when I joined TradeSmith and took a close look at the power of TradeStops, I immediately saw that we could easily become so much more. 

I thought that TradeSmith could, and should, become a hub for a vast array of financial analysis and trade management tools that anyone could use to craft a portfolio on the level of an expert.

And since then, it’s become just that. 

Just take a look at this timeline of software and advisories we’ve launched in the last few years:

There’s no better way of showing TradeSmith’s exponential growth as a company and an analysis platform.

From humble beginnings, as a place where you can manage and monitor your portfolio … 

We’ve now grown into the best place to: 

  • Learn about and trade the fast-evolving cryptocurrency space.
  • Craft the ultimate options strategy – whether it’s for income or speculation – with Options360
  • Find short-term opportunities in any kind of market with our incredible seasonality and cyclical patterns tools. 
  • Uncover hidden-gem stocks that fit your exact criteria using the Screener software. 
  • And as of last year, TradeSmith has become a leader of AI algorithms with the launch of Predictive Alpha and its power to forecast any stock move over the next 21 trading days. 

As we accelerated launching all of these features and tools over the last few years, we quickly realized how well they work together, forming the ultimate trading platform for dedicated investors. 

And that’s when a huge light bulb popped above our heads… and we came up with TradeSmith Platinum.

Our Platinum membership packages everything we do at TradeSmith – all the things you see in the image above – into one ultimate bundle. And that’s just the start…

You see, TradeSmith Platinum gives you access to everything we have now… and in the future. 

So, someone who purchased a Platinum membership when we introduced it in 2019 has since gotten access to 11 additional tools and advisories – not to mention all the improvements and upgrades we’ve made to each of them. 

For as long as someone is a Platinum member, that’ll be the case. Every new advisory, tool, update, and feature will automatically show up in their account – including something special and new that I’ll share more about at the end of this email. 

And each week, as a Platinum member, you’ll get a quick bulletin on any new additions to TradeSmith and insights from our analysts in a “Roundup” email on Saturday afternoons. 

I’m immensely proud of what we have achieved over the last few years, and especially with Platinum. And I say that with the utmost gratitude to our incredible members: TradeSmith’s growth into what it is today simply wouldn’t have been possible without you.

So today, I want to just take a moment to show how much we appreciate you, by sharing and responding to some of the kind emails we’ve recently received from our Platinum members. 

My hope is it’ll show you the kind of value that lies in the Platinum membership.

Without further ado…

As a Platinum member, you will have access to all of the TS products and any new tools and services that will come in the future. This is the best part – the tools and services were great when I signed up two years ago. The future looks bright and I cannot wait to see what new tools are on the way, this year, next year and the year after! 

As for Customer Service – I have had nothing but excellent service! The Education department is outstanding, from the live webinars to the library of recorded education videos on all of the TradeSmith tools and services.

–Scott B.

Thank you for writing in, Scott! 

Speaking of member education, have you been reading the new Platinum Roundups

Each Saturday afternoon, our team includes invitations to upcoming Bootcamp webinars along with any other important happenings around TradeSmith. It includes links to each of the latest articles, big profit opportunities, and other trade recommendations shared by our analysts. All of TradeSmith is curated for you into one email. So, keep an eye out for it to land in your inbox every weekend.

I have been very pleased with the results shown in our portfolios from using many of the TradeSmith tools offered to us over the years. I find myself buying quality equities at favorable times as well as exiting positions at strategic times.  

Since upgrading my subscription to Platinum in February, I have had even more winning trades along with a couple of humble losses; however, I have already paid the subscription upgrade price to Platinum in realized gains in just three months! 

–Larry H.

This is my favorite kind of email to receive, Larry. Our hope is that all of our members, not just Platinum members, are able to use our tools effectively so they can quickly make back in profits what they spent on their subscription. Clearly your long-term investment paid off!

I praise TradeSmith to every stock investor/trader I know.  

You are the only service besides the Oxford Club that actually makes good on your promise to include all new services in my membership.  

Truly you keep to your mission of helping the average Joe (and Jill!) learn good trading behaviors, get incredible data, and make tracking multiple services easy.  

And the service offerings get more phenomenal every year. An-E is leaving all other AI services in the dust.

–Diane S.

Happy to hear you’re enjoying your membership, Diane. As for An-E… stay tuned. The next big evolution for our AI algorithms is well underway, and I can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on. And of course, as a Platinum member, you’ll get first access. 

Wow! I am thoroughly impressed by the TradeSmith Platinum subscription and its ability to provide an exceptional investing experience while maximizing profits. 

Having subscribed to this service over a year ago, I consider myself fortunate to have access to such an array of useful tools. 

As previously mentioned, TradeSmith has proven its worth through a single trade on ORLY, which allowed me to recover the entire cost of my Platinum subscription within weeks of signing up. 

Prior to using TradeSmith, my portfolio showed only modest annual gains ranging from 1 to 3%. However, with this subscription (Platinum), I have been able to achieve double-digit returns. 

While I am not very familiar with the Crypto service, I find all the other services included in the Platinum subscription to be exceptional. Lately, I have been gravitating towards increasingly using Predictive Alpha, which provides an excellent data-driven sense of the expected price movement of any selected stock. 

Utilizing this tool, I have been able to further accelerate my profits and increase my confidence in the options trades I make. The latest additions to the TradeSmithPlatinum service are extensive and fantastic. Although it will take me some time to fully understand how to capitalize on the expanded capabilities, I am excited to explore, understand, and utilize the new tools offered. Overall, I want to express my gratitude for the fabulous and lucrative experience that the TradeSmith platform has provided me. Thank you.


This is extraordinary to hear, PK. Like I mentioned to Scott above, be sure to check your inbox every weekend for the TradeSmith Platinum Roundup. It should contain everything you need to know to take advantage of the newest additions and even some tricks you might not have known you already had access to!

Just in risk management in my gold positions alone I’ve saved over $30k.

Before my membership I was far too heavily weighted in cash, and as a result I was missing out on the gains in the market because I was afraid. If I didn’t have Platinum I wouldn’t have a plan in place to invest appropriately now and as well as learning to follow the trends. I have a huge peace of mind in my investment strategy that I didn’t have before.

–Mark G.

Thank you for writing in, Mark. I’m so glad you were able to put your cash to work in a way that worked well for you.

There’s nothing wrong with having a chunk of cash on the sidelines, to be clear. But if you’re able to use that cash to invest effectively, and you’ve been able to ride the market higher this year or even beat it, it’s well worth the educated risks you take when you’re using our software.

And to close, peace of mind is priceless, so I’m glad we’ve been able to afford you that in addition to the $30k!

Now, to everyone reading, I want to highlight a special benefit soon to come to TradeSmith Platinum users.

If you’ve been following TradeSmith Daily, you’ve likely seen Lucas Downey’s signal studies. These studies look at unusual moments in market history, comparing them to times they’ve occurred in the past.

There’s a lot of value in these studies. Thus far Lucas has identified huge stock opportunities, been on the right side of trends, and shared actionable trading plans for when certain conditions trigger.

I’m proud to say that, in the near future, we’re expanding on these signal studies for a brand-new trading strategy that we plan to integrate into TradeSmith Platinum. This new version will contain direct, actionable trade recommendations based on the statistical strength of our signal studies. And TradeSmith Platinum members will get first access to this new strategy, 100% for free, later this year. 

We haven’t put a date on it yet, but we should have something to announce fairly soon.

Thank you for reading,

Keith Kaplan
CEO, TradeSmith