Virgin Galactic Sends Tourists to Edge of Space – Here’s How to Know if the Stock Is a Buy

By TradeSmith Editorial Staff

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After buying a ticket 18 years ago, Jon Goodwin (a former athlete who competed in canoeing in the 1972 Olympics) was finally able to use it on August 10 – the ticket was for a ride to the edge of space.

Also joined by a mother and daughter, the trio became the first ticketholders for a 72-minute space tourism trip from Virgin Galactic Holdings Inc. (SPCE).

Source: Virgin Galactic X Account

“This is by far the most awesome thing I’ve ever done in my life,” Goodwin said after the journey.

Source: Virgin Galactic X Account

After the successful launch, Virgin Galactic will now start sending the other 800 individuals who bought tickets to the edge of space — tickets are reportedly as high as $450,000.

Although this all still sounds a little futuristic and pricey, space tourism is a very real industry.

The United States space tourism market was valued at $201.5 billion in 2022 and is expected to be worth $3.8 billion by 2032.

That’s why, after the Virgin Galactic trip, I wanted to do a quick dive into any investable opportunities.

And after I did, I quickly found one.

Within our brand-new AI-harnessing Predictive Alpha product, we’ve created a predictive trading tool that can tell you where a stock will be trading a month into the future.

It can spotlight winners… and do it over and over again.

Let me show you its prediction for Virgin Galactic over the next month.

Virgin Galactic Stock Set for Takeoff

By September 11, our AI-stock picker, which we refer to as An-E, predicts (prediction is as of this writing and can change based on new information) that Virgin Galactic is expected to rocket over 9% higher.

Virgin Galactic ranks 55 out of 3,000 assets in our trackable basket, classifying it as one of the top 100 opportunities over the next month for short-term gains.

As I mentioned earlier, space tourism is a growing industry and will eventually be worth billions of dollars in the United States. But what we are focused on here is the short-term windfall with a quick potential gain.

Because that’s how you gain a “predictive edge” that can allow you to stack up short-term win after short-term win and “pad” your total investing returns even higher.

Get into a rhythm where you’re averaging at least 1% a week, and you’re looking at an annualized equivalent of 52% — like packing four years of market returns into a single 12-month stretch. 

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