Investing Takeaways You May Have Missed

Mar 11, 2023

When we first started providing a monthly investing takeaway in 2022, sharing some of the most engaged-with issues of TradeSmith Daily for the month, we received an overwhelming positive response.

One of the comments that popped up over and over again was that it’s not always easy to read every issue that goes out, or to keep up with new services and products that may be of interest to you.

To add even more value to your membership, we’ve decided to highlight on a more regular basis some of the top TradeSmith Daily issues from the last month as well as information on some of our top-selling products.

At your leisure, you can peruse the topics you find most valuable and catch up on anything you may have missed.

Feel free to jump right in …

Investing Takeaways & Opportunities

When people send ChatGPT a command, they don’t think about what it takes to bring their request to life. But when you go behind the machine and the rise in impressive artificial intelligence (AI) technology, you’ll find that this investable company making a $10,000 AI chip is providing the firepower… 

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The majority of the Federal Reserve is filled with academics and economists who have ZERO real-world experience when it comes to knowing how businesses work and what makes the economy tick. Senior Analyst Mike Burnick predicted back in the summer of 2022 that high inflation would be here to stay, so don’t plan on the Fed getting things under control anytime soon. You can do this instead…

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Many people may want to turn to the Global Robotics and Artificial Intelligence ETF (BOTZ) for AI investing exposure, but the biggest gains will always be made from owning individual stocks. And when you buy an ETF without taking a look at what is “under the hood,” you may be surprised to learn what is lurking in its holdings. We took a deep dive into the stocks to avoid in this ETF, as well as the stocks that are flashing “buy” signals through our Health Indicator…  

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