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Aug 26, 2023 Educational

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WeightWatchers, aka WW International Inc. (WW), is an American icon: Its weight-loss program has been a staple of cable TV commercials since the 1960s. But when it announced the acquisition of telehealth provider Sequence for $106 million in March, few understood an evolution was taking place, turning WeightWatchers from a diet company into a healthcare company. And it was destined to be a profitable evolution…
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It’s been the giant, large-cap stocks that have led the market rally this year, but the team at Derby City Insights is one step ahead in their investing, finding opportunities that Wall Street is sleeping on — and small-cap stocks are now on their moneymaking radar. These are companies that are usually at an earlier stage of growth, making them more agile — with more room for expansion and innovation. And that explosive growth potential is part of what makes these “hidden gems” of the stock market so exciting as investment opportunities…
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According to the latest reports, “more” Americans have become 401(k) millionaires — thanks to the 2023 stock market rebound that pushed their retirement accounts above the all-important million-dollar threshold. It all sounds pretty good — until you dig into the numbers. That “surge” of millionaires represented only 1.6% of Fidelity retirement accounts and 2.5% of Fidelity IRAs. And even that micro-percentage of millionaire retirees-to-be aren’t feeling too confident. But there’s an option. A different path. A way through where you take back control — where you have an edge…
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