‘Getting Brexit Done’ was a Bullish Deal — for Europe

Jan 08, 2021

Brexit, as you likely know, is shorthand for “British exit,” in reference to the United Kingdom parting ways with the European Union (E.U.) after a 47-year relationship. Brexit was made real through a U.K. referendum vote whose results shocked the world — few expected it would happen — in the summer of 2016. For four long years, in an excruciating…

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“No Deal Brexit” Looks Likely Again, and No One Can Figure Out Johnson’s Strategy

Sep 15, 2020

Over the past two weeks or so, the British pound has seen a sharp decline against all major currency pairs. For the month of September 2020, thus far, the pound is down notably against the dollar, the euro, the yen, and the Swiss franc. Relative to the euro, the British pound is the weakest it has been in years. If…

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A High-Profile Hedge Fund Manager Warns an “Enormous” Tech- Stocks Bubble Has Popped

Oct 29, 2020

A high-profile hedge fund manager is warning that an “enormous” bubble in technology stocks has popped. He believes the top was registered on Sept. 2, 2020, that investor sentiment has shifted from “greed” to “complacency,” and that bear-market pain for technology stocks is ahead. Is he right? Possibly, yes. The reasons he cites for calling a tech-stocks top will be…

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A Looming Meat Shortage Demonstrates the Fragility of Supply Chains

Apr 29, 2020

Supply chains are a marvel of modern commerce. The links of a supply chain can span tens of thousands of miles, traversing whole continents and crisscrossing the globe. Supply chains are also fragile and vulnerable to disruption. Under adverse circumstances, a supply chain can easily get backlogged or broken. The lack of a part from a single factory, or the…

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A New Way to Start Your Day and Trade

Apr 06, 2021

Today, we’re starting a fantastic journey together.  Our Chief Research Officer, Justice Clark Litle, has some very big plans for Decoder.  He’s committed to taking our products at TradeSmith to a whole new level.  And that means that Justice will no longer be writing TradeSmith Daily.  Don’t worry. Justice isn’t going anywhere.  He’s still out in the desert, bringing you…

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A Super-Contagious New COVID-19 Strain Overshadows Stimulus Success

Dec 21, 2020

Republicans and Democrats finally got their act together and came to agreement on a $900 billion stimulus effort for struggling Americans and small businesses. Congress is rushing to finalize the bill alongside a last-minute effort to fund the U.S. government for the remainder of the fiscal year. There were compromises galore, and many were disappointed with various aspects of the…

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A Supreme Court Battle Lowers the Odds of Vital Fiscal Support

Sep 22, 2020

A U.S. Senate battle royale over who gets to fill a U.S. Supreme Court seat is bearish for markets. That is a key reason why bearish feeling has intensified this week, with asset prices dropping across the board. The cause-and-effect mechanism here is not direct, but indirect. It has to do with fiscal support. The real U.S. economy – meaning…

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Access Drives Engagement: Why the Trading Landscape Has Changed

Feb 03, 2021

The stock market is both timeless and ever-changing, which makes it a curious paradox. On the one hand, markets look, feel, and behave exactly the same today as they did 100 years ago, or even two millennia ago. We can read stories of a bull market mania or market panic from the early 1900s, or the 17th and 18th centuries,…

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A Bargain Name Becomes a Bargain Idea

Apr 19, 2021

There’s no shortage of noise flying around the markets today. But for me, there’s nothing more dangerous than noise. What I want and need is a very clear signal. That’s exactly what came across my desk last Thursday with this “bargain idea.”

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Across the Pond, This Iconic Name Just Hit the Green Zone

Apr 20, 2021

Let’s look at one more way that TradeSmith aligns with market events to deliver clear signals. This time, we’re talking about the world’s most popular sport as the global economy reopens and we witness one of the most seismic business events in sports history.

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