Oil Is a Far Better Inflation Hedge than Gold or Bitcoin

Jan 07, 2022

Are you worried about inflation? Do you seek investments that protect against inflation? If so, you should know that oil is a better inflation hedge than Bitcoin or gold. It isn’t a close contest either. When it comes to inflation protection, oil (and oil-related investments) beats gold and Bitcoin by a mile.

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One of our Highest-Conviction Themes Right Now: Long Energy Stocks

Oct 08, 2021

Today Keith is taking a break to share a high-conviction update from Chief Research Officer Justice Clark Litle. Keith will be back on Monday with more market insights.

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One of the Biggest Hacks in History Puts the U.S. and Russia on a Collision Course

Dec 15, 2020

Russian government hackers broke America’s cybersecurity defenses. They got into high-level departments like the U.S. Treasury and the Department of Commerce. They may have infiltrated hundreds of Fortune 500 companies, along with other sensitive areas both public and private. They may have accessed email accounts and who knows what else. Worse yet, the breach may have gone undetected for nine…

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