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July 2024

3 First-Half Champions – Including the Top-Ranked Stock in My System

Jason Bodner

If you’re invested in an S&P 500 index fund, you’re probably pretty happy with the first half of 2024. The benchmark index gained a solid 14.5% the last six months, which is already about 50% more than the annual average. But what a difference if you own the top performers. Fortunately, I’ve recommended two to my readers, and I own one myself. So I’ll take that as win-win.

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If Biden Drops Out, Do This

Michael Salvatore

Betting odds of a Trump win are surging… The market’s history agrees… How Democrats could “break the glass”… Another “betting odds” shakeup on inflation data… The latest Big Money Buys and Sells… Don’t get caught flat-footed in the next bust…

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June 2024

The Great Income Heist Is Coming – Here’s What to Do Now

Jason Bodner

I want to warn you now that you may be about to make less money. If you have money in interest-bearing accounts, that juicy return you’ve enjoyed is about to decrease. And a lot of folks may not even realize it. Even more importantly, they may not realize the account itself may no longer be a good place for your hard-earned money. The Great Income Heist is coming, and record dollar amounts are about to take a hit.

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