The Only Stable Factor in the Age of Chaos

By Michael Salvatore

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We’re living in a critical time in financial history.

It’s a time when an errant social media post can create and erase billions in wealth in a matter of seconds. When deep and worsening budget deficits threaten to unravel the world’s reserve currency. When an accelerating trend towards deglobalization could upend the global world order. 

It’s increasingly unpredictable to live and invest in times like this. 

That’s why Charles Sizemore, founder and chief investment analyst at The Freeport Society, set out to find the one stable factor that you can depend on.

Using a proprietary money flow indicator, he’s able to find no-BS trading opportunities that emerge from within the Age of Chaos.

And over a span of mere days, one such signal led his readers to a 40%-plus gain in a solar energy stock that Wall Street had left for dead.

I recently sat down with Charles to talk about this money flow indicator, and I learned the sectors where he’s seeing the biggest institutional order flows right now.

Click here or the thumbnail below to check out our conversation, and watch to the end to learn which sectors need to be at the top of your watchlist right now.

If you align with Charles’ and The Freeport Society’s core principles of free speech, free minds, and free markets, I’d urge you to look more into his investment research. 

Charles is accepting new members for his Freeport Alpha advisory, where he uses the money flow indicator we talked about today to uncover huge stock trading opportunities beneath the chaos of the markets.

What I love almost as much as the recommendations, though, is Charles’ high-quality market commentary and storytelling prowess. He goes beyond what you’d expect from a traditional newsletter analyst. He shares poignant thoughts on our financial and political environment that are lacking the bias you’d see in the mainstream media. 

And if you decide to join him, Charles has new special reports waiting for you in Freeport Alpha. Each is designed to help you follow institutional money flows to quick, short-term profit opportunities:

  • Three Election Trades With Oversized Profits
  • Income Secrets of the 1%
  • Plus, his new strategy guide, The C.H.A.O.S. Cash Blueprint

Learn more about Freeport Alpha right here.

To your health and wealth, 

Michael Salvatore
Editor, TradeSmith