Stay Calm: As the ‘Experts’ Write Obituaries, We Want You to Make Money – And Lots of It

Jun 25, 2022

Editor’s Note: We’re interrupting your usual LikeFolio alert this weekend to bring you an urgent update from our brand-new crypto strategist, Joe Shew. We wanted to share a taste of what his newest members are already benefitting from. You can see a full bio for Joe at the end of this update.

Just about everyone can recite that old investing creed of “Buy Low/Sell High.”

But almost nobody does it.

In fact, the strategy most investors actually practice is “Buy at the Top … and Get Clobbered When it Reverses and Plunges Into the Ground.”

Investors want “action,” so they become positively giddy when stocks, sectors or asset classes get hot. They get infected with the fear of missing out (FOMO), and they worry they’re getting left behind and jump onto a bandwagon that’s all too often already nearing its terminus.

If you really want to make money – lots of money – you need to be first. You need to practice independent thinking and must display courage.

You need to buy when assets are cheap.

Want an example?

Look at cryptocurrencies.

According to the Bitcoin Obituaries on – which tracks mainstream media stories that claim bitcoin is worthless – bitcoin (BTC) has already “died” 12 times this year. And going back to 2014, bitcoin has “died” another 400 times. (Bitcoin closed that year at $320.14, has been as high as $68,799, and even now trades at nearly $21,000 … so much for those obits).

That kind of surrender when cryptos are actually cheap is the kind of “action” I like to see. I see cryptos as the fastest-growing asset class in history. And I have a good reason for this belief: Almost all the next big innovative “triggers” we see – the metaverse, tokenized finance, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and decentralized finance (DeFi) – are all tied to cryptocurrencies.

All of them.

The bottom line: In spite of what the “experts” are saying, crypto isn’t dead. It’s just taking a breather. And that means it’s cheap – for a little while longer.

As those crucial innovations spool up, bitcoin and its brethren will zoom in kind.

Want more detail?

Check out my urgent video message below for everything you need to know:

My best until next time,

Joe Shew

Joe Shew
Senior Crypto Analyst

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About Our New Analyst

Before Joe got into cryptocurrencies in 2014, he was a highly paid financial services exec, working in his company’s high rise and leaping up the corporate ladder. Lots of upside, lots of compensation – and lots of hours. And we mean lots of hours.

But he thought life was great – because he thought that’s all there was.

That’s when Joe had “The Epiphany.” One evening, as he watched a Melbourne sunset, he realized he was trading time as he chased money – in a race that a person really can never win.

Right then and there, Joe decided to change – he decided to pursue financial freedom in an easier way… a revolutionary new digital asset class called crypto. And because bitcoin was trading for a mere $369, his timing was perfect.

He made most of the mistakes he possibly could in cryptocurrency investing – the same mistakes folks are making today. But he persisted.

And after applying years of stock market investing experience, he went on to create strategies and blueprints, like his “Five Pillars of Successful Crypto Investing” system, which proved to be a game changer. He set out to help others break out of the system, too, by starting a consulting institute nearly five years ago. Through his consulting work, Joe and his team developed the on-chain data analytics that give his followers their massive market advantage.

Since then, he’s been traveling the world, helping his clients embrace his process and replicate his results on their way to five, six, even seven-figure returns.

His next mission? To help you achieve that same success, to share the lessons he learned, and to help you avoid the mistakes he already made.

Joe has partnered with TradeSmith to bring cryptocurrency exposure to the next level and continue his pursuit of helping investors diversify and safely create generational wealth in the future of money.

In short, Joe Shew is your secret weapon in the fast-moving crypto market. And he wants you to join him in discovering the next big crypto trends that could secure you your own financial freedom.