5 Stocks BENEFITTING from the Supply Chain Disaster

Nov 21, 2021

Supply Chain Fears are Booming

The supply chain has made its way to suppertime conversation.

The couch that Mom wants is backordered for six months.

Dad can’t find a new truck to save his life.

And the toys on Junior’s letter to Santa are stuck on a cargo ship anchored outside the Port of Los Angeles.

It’s meme-able at this point…

So what is really going on, and how did we get here?

Consumer purchasing behavior changed during the pandemic, creating an unexpected surge in demand for goods.

Many companies expected demand to slow during this outlier event, but stimulus infusions, an increase in consumer savings, and a change in where consumers were spending money (things versus experiences) sent demand for manufactured goods through the roof.

Now, couple this surge with pandemic-related shutdowns, safety process updates, and labor shortages for manufacturers and for deliverers of these goods, from airline workers to truckers.

The result?

  • Delayed output
  • Higher prices
  • Clogged ports (with more inventory idling in the harbor than facilities and labor can digest)

Honestly, these trends speak for themselves.

This type of information is extremely valuable for traders and investors.


We can use these macro trends as a lens to spot outlier opportunities before everyone else.

In fact, what I’m seeing right now could be the biggest chasm in retail history, with some companies on the brink of disaster… while others are reaping the rewards.

At LikeFolio, we have discovered five companies that are thriving with consumers in this tough environment… and could be setting up to deliver enormous returns to investors like you.

And I think the names will surprise you. Because, quite frankly, they surprised me.

How did we pinpoint these top performers? With a new simple scoring system called the “Money Dial.” It boils all of our millions of consumer data points down to a single number between 0 and 100 that lets investors know if we’re bullish or bearish on the stock in a single glance.

It’s a powerful piece of technology to have working for your portfolio.

Look… supply chain mayhem is real.

That’s why I’m so incredibly excited to tell you about the five outlier companies we’ve identified as BENEFITTING from the current crisis… and set to capture loyal customers for years and years to come.


Andy Swan,
Founder, LikeFolio