Healthy Energy Drinks Aren’t an Oxymoron. One Just Led Us to a Profit Opportunity.

Jul 24, 2022

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This week, I stopped by my favorite smoothie shop for a post-workout recovery treat.

While I was waiting, I scanned the macro-nutrient-packed snack items around. High protein cookies and power bars… and a fridge full of energy drinks.

Wow, I thought. Energy drinks have officially transitioned from every mom’s worst nightmare to a healthy pick-me-up in a smoothie shop.

But these weren’t just any energy drinks. They were all from Celsius Holdings Inc. (CELH).

The display made my LikeFolio heart grin because we’ve been closely following the company (to the upside) for years now.

And this is one more signal that the company’s strategy is indeed working.

Here’s how we spotted Celsius as a major winner — THREE TIMES — and why we think the company may just be getting started…

Celsius Broke the “Energy Drinks Are Unhealthy” Mold

Celsius worked meticulously to carve itself a niche among health-conscious consumers.

With ingredients like green tea, guarana seed extract, ginger root, vitamins B and C, and chromium — alongside the caffeine kick that falls under daily recommended values — consumers can reach for this slim can and not feel bad about it.

And they have been – in droves.

We first noted this when we added the company to our coverage universe way back in May 2020. At the time, CELH shares were trading around $7.

The stock crossed $80 last week.

In fact, we’ve tripled down on this company, issuing bullish opportunity alerts twice in the past two years.

In both instances, consumer purchase intent mentions (represented by the green line above) were rising while Wall Street struggled to understand the hold the energy drink had on consumers.

Both alerts presented an opportunity for investors to rake in gains of more than 70%.

Celsius Is (Still) Stealing Market Share

We’ve watched Celsius chip away at the lead established by other monsters in the energy drink sector for years – pun intended.

Data suggests this demand steal remains underway.

This Outlier Grid paints a great picture of some of the largest players in the energy drink market — and how Celsius continues to outperform its peers in terms of demand growth AND consumer happiness.

Bottom line: CELH is still growing rapidly.

The global market for energy and sports drinks is expected to exceed $224 billion by 2026, and the tide continues to shift in favor of energy drinks that consumers don’t have to feel guilty about consuming.

That spells enormous opportunity.

We’ve got a close watch on CELH moving forward, and in the meantime, we’re sticking with our bullish outlook.

CELH may just be getting started.