I’m Worried About AAPL

Sep 26, 2021

It is officially our favorite time of the year at LikeFolio.

Every September we issue an Apple Keynote Report to clients.

This report gauges Consumer Buzz, Happiness, and Demand for Apple’s suite of products released during its annual “keynote event.”

Recently, this set of data has been quite predictive, even helping our clients avoid a 30%+ drop in AAPL stock after the company’s lackluster iPhone X release event a couple of years ago.

Historically, this event is when consumers tip their hands, indicating what products they love and plan to buy — and those that were less than impressive.

This year was very telling.

Notice how the “buzz” around this year’s product launches for Apple is being met with a collective yawn.

Far fewer consumers are talking about the new Apple products than in the releases of prior years.

Obviously, this is just a high-level view, and the devil is in the details.


Andy Swan,
Founder, LikeFolio