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How to Keep Your Financial ‘Windfall’ in Six Steps

Jul 29, 2022

Most of us have fantasized about gaining unexpected wealth, and all the ways it would change our lives for the better. Unfortunately, managing an actual financial windfall — whether it’s a raise or bonus at work, a large inheritance, or a life-changing lottery jackpot — can be incredibly tricky. You see, when most people unexpectedly come into money, they feel…

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Meet the ‘Double-Your-Money’ Stock That’ll Give You the Upside of Growth with the Safety of Value

Jul 22, 2022

Keith’s note: I have a special treat for you this week. In place of my usual editorial, we’re sharing an exclusive essay from my friend — and TradeSmith Senior Analyst — Mike Burnick. If you’re not familiar, Mike is a 30-year market veteran and world-class analyst who joined the TradeSmith team last winter. And when it comes to finance and investing,…

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5 Investing Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making, Plus Tips to Work Around Them

Jul 15, 2022

As investors, we’re often our own worst enemies. We like to believe that we make rational decisions with our money. Unfortunately, research shows we often fall victim to common, subconscious errors in thinking known as “cognitive biases.” I covered one of the most dangerous of these biases — loss aversion — in detail in a previous Money Talks issue. (If…

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It’s Time to Outsmart the Bear – And These Four Strategies Will Help You Do It

Jul 08, 2022

I’m generally not a fan of the mainstream financial media. And with good reason. The news organizations whose headlines help create the “buzz” that revs up public opinion and inflames social media for the most part just “report” (repeat) what others say – because they’re not the experts themselves. You believe you’re getting special, insider insights – actionable and wealth-focused….

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Why You Are Limiting Your Returns, And How to Work Around Yourself

Jul 01, 2022

Most of us like to think we’re rational. When presented with a choice, we generally use logic and reason to make the best decision possible with the information available to us. Right? Well, heaps of research into human behavior says otherwise. Most of us tend to be far more emotional and susceptible to “cognitive biases” – common, subconscious errors in…

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Doubling My Money Turned Out to Be a Curse, and I Want to Save You from a Similar Fate

Jun 24, 2022

I am a brilliant investor. At least, that’s what I thought at the time… It was the late 1990s. I had saved about $20,000 from different jobs that I had worked through the years, and I was in college when my father called me up and said, “Let’s each put $5,000 into Legg Mason’s Value Trust fund.” My father’s a…

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Here’s a Rare Chance to Beat Inflation and Earn 9.62% Without Taking Big Risks

Jun 17, 2022

The U.S. was blindsided recently when inflation got an unexpected bump to 8.6%, the highest rate in 40 years. Then, on Monday, we officially entered bear market territory. It’s time for investors to rethink their moneymaking strategy and pivot into protection mode — and I have just the thing: A new investment vehicle that’s actually designed to help you beat…

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7 Tips That Real Investors Follow

Jun 10, 2022

Let me tell you a story… One of my managers (let’s call him Rex) was out with his son after baseball practice on a recent Friday evening and pulled into the drive-thru at the local McDonald’s. What happened next stunned me. Rex pulled his Ford up to that big, lighted menu and ordered a Big Mac, two large fries, a…

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My Best Advice for Navigating Today’s Volatile Markets

Jun 03, 2022

Money Talks launched in early 2021 with one simple goal in mind: to give back and share the best of what I’ve learned about personal finance and investing over many years of trials and tribulations. In that spirit, I wanted to pass along an interview I did with my friend Dan Ferris on the Stansberry Investor Hour podcast last week….

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Is Big Tech as Cheap as It Seems? Maybe, Maybe Not…

May 27, 2022

If you have been following the financial news at all this year, you’ve likely heard about the historic declines in large-cap technology stocks. For example, the Nasdaq 100 Index (NDX) — a proxy for “big tech” that includes the roughly 100 largest non-financial stocks that trade on the Nasdaq Stock Market — has fallen as much as 31% from its…

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