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One Question Every Investor Needs to Ask Themselves Today 

Jan 27, 2023

Longtime Money Talks readers know I don’t consider myself a financial “guru.” I’m just a regular guy who’s made a bunch of mistakes and learned a lot of critical money lessons the hard way. But as CEO of TradeSmith, I’ve also been fortunate to work with some brilliant investors, traders, and entrepreneurs over the years. And I’ve learned a great deal from these…

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The New Year Means Another Chance to Beat Inflation Without Taking Big Risks

Jan 20, 2023

Last spring, I introduced Money Talks readers to a simple way to protect a portion of their savings from inflation while taking virtually no investment risk.  I’m referring to Series I savings bonds, or “I bonds” as they’re commonly known.  As I explained, I bonds are a type of savings bond designed to keep up with (or even beat) inflation. (If you…

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A Powerful New Tailwind for Energy Stocks Is Coming this Year

Jan 13, 2023

Keith’s Note: Last month I explained why energy prices are likely to remain higher for longer than many folks expect. This should provide a continued tailwind for stocks in the Energy sector, which were already among the best performers over the past couple years. However, this week’s guest essay from Inside TradeSmith editor Justin Brill highlights an additional catalyst that could drive energy…

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How to (Finally) Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions in 2023

Jan 06, 2023

Keith’s Note: Welcome to the first Money Talks of 2023! I hope you had a wonderful holiday. In honor of the New Year, I’m resharing a piece I originally wrote this time last year. It’s about an easy (yet powerful) way to keep your resolutions and achieve your goals in 2023. Whether you’re new to Money Talks or have been reading…

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Don’t Celebrate Falling Energy and Oil Prices Just Yet

Dec 16, 2022

One of the biggest stories of 2022 was inflation. At its recent peak this summer, consumer prices in the U.S. were rising at a rate of 9.1% per year. That’s worse than anything we’ve seen since the 1970s. And just like back then, a big driver of inflation has been rising energy prices – and oil in particular. Crude oil…

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What You Should Know about Investment Tax-Loss Harvesting

Dec 09, 2022

Last week, I shared five money-saving tax moves to consider before year-end. One of those moves was “tax-loss harvesting,” which involves selling losing investments. As I explained:  [Selling a losing investment] creates a “realized capital loss” in tax-speak, which can then offset an equal amount of realized capital gains (profits) in other assets that year. Capital losses can also offset up…

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Five Money-Saving Tax Moves to Consider Before Year-End

Dec 02, 2022

It’s officially the holiday season. For many folks, it’s a time for slowing down, celebrating with loved ones, and reflecting on the year that was. That means taxes are probably the last thing on your mind right now. However, there are a handful of steps you should consider taking before year-end to potentially save yourself some money (and stress!) during the 2023…

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Want Real ‘Sizzle’ With Your 2023 Stock Plays? Make This One Move Now.

Nov 25, 2022

I love bacon. There, I said it. You heard it. And now you know. I love bacon as a snack. On my burgers (can’t have a burger without it). As a breakfast or brunch “side” with my eggs. On breakfast sandwiches. As a key element of a BLT. On smoked meats. Mixed in with the chopped sirloin on cheesesteak subs….

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Why a Wave of ‘Forced Selling’ Could Hit the Markets Next Month 

Nov 18, 2022

This week’s Money Talks is a little different.  In place of my usual editorial, I’m sharing a guest essay from Inside TradeSmith editor Justin Brill. It highlights a potential risk to the markets (and your retirement accounts) over the final weeks of the year that I think every reader should be aware of.  As always, if you know someone who…

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A Little Good News for Your Retirement Accounts Next Year

Nov 11, 2022

There’s no sugarcoating it… It’s been a rough year for anyone trying to invest for retirement. Everyone knows stocks are in a bear market. The benchmark S&P 500 (SPX) was down 28% at its recent October low. But even the typically boring bond market has done poorly, with various bond-market indexes falling as much as 17% through October. According to…

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