3 Stocks That Could Triple in Price in 2023

By TradeSmith Editorial Staff

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As we get closer to closing out 2022, our team has been hard at work helping you find new opportunities and providing forward-looking information.

We’ve covered:

Small-cap stocks.

Electric vehicles.

Gene editing.

Company spinoffs.

Semiconductor stocks.

Stocks to avoid.

The start of a “commodity supercycle.”

And much more.

All of this information gives you an edge because it arms you with outlooks for the future, and I want to put some more forecasts on your radar from our friends at LikeFolio.

The LikeFolio team uses social data to understand consumer behavior and its potential impact on the stock market — giving you yet another edge.

Because if there’s anything I know about TradeSmith members, it’s that you appreciate separating the noise from what’s important.

You appreciate knowing why a stock is worth owning or not worth touching with a 10-foot pole, because it helps you with your own decision-making process.

You appreciate us saving you time in your own research.

And you appreciate new opportunities hitting your radar.

LikeFolio’s co-founders Andy and Landon Swan, along with VP of Research Megan Brantley, recently got together to share their picks for three stocks that could triple in price next year.

  • Andy believes that his pick could emerge as a winner from the scandalous bankruptcy of cryptocurrency exchange FTX.
  • Megan believes her pick is turning searches for content into seamless monetization opportunities.
  • And Landon believes that his pick, while it’s down nearly 40% since it went public in 2019, could be primed for a rebound.